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Captain Robert
Abney Park
Abney Park, and Rasputina In San Franscico? 
6th-Jan-2011 09:49 am

Actually, so much more then that I can't possibly type it all
(or read it all!), but let me tell you what I do know:

Jan 23rd - 25th

The Edwardian Ball

(the San Fran One) will feature:

Abney Park, Rasputina,
Jill Tracy, The Ghosts Project, Kinentic Steam Works,
Dark Garden, City Circus, Vima Dance, Rosin Coven, Vau De Vire Society,
Cirque Berzerk, Miz Margo, Delachaux, Agent Ribbons, Fou Fou Ha,
and a millioin billion other acts that are too small on this flyier for me to read!

Abney Park will be playing Friday Night with Rasputina.
It should be pretty over-the-top amazing, so go get tickets!

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5th-Jan-2009 07:27 pm (UTC)
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6th-Jan-2009 12:49 am (UTC)
80's rubber bangles. Any $ store or Claire's. Would be very fun to watch/judge/score.
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5th-Jan-2009 06:11 pm (UTC)
Abney Park/Rasputina is the primary playlist on my Ipod. *Grins* Too bad I'm on the wrong side of the pond for this....
5th-Jan-2009 06:49 pm (UTC)
I'll be there! Already have my weekend pass. What a lineup. You guys, Rasputina, Vau De Vire, Fou Ha Ha! I'm excited. :)
5th-Jan-2009 08:37 pm (UTC)
I bought mine on Saturday. It's worth the trip the weekend after school starts, especially since I missed Rasputina the last time they played SF... in the middle of the week. (I live 275 miles north of SF, a 6-hour drive through the forests.)
5th-Jan-2009 06:58 pm (UTC) - arrrgh
can ya stop playing the dates when i have to be out of town for work ! LOL
i get back the 24th daMNIT
5th-Jan-2009 07:28 pm (UTC) - Re: arrrgh
people should not have jobs.
5th-Jan-2009 07:17 pm (UTC) - Eureka!
Will there be a redo on the airship venture? Seems otherwise would be a waste of a fine cigarette girl's display-tray-turned-keyboard-carrier.

As a veep o' marketing, I know your free ride would make for bargain PR, considering a one-time 6x3 ad buried inside the San Jose Mercury News runs for $5,400, yet the most they could charge your crew to ride is $2000 (4 @ couples rate + 1).

Meanwhile they'd be getting a music video in the deal, permanent coverage on YouTube and AbneyPark.com, and prime access to a targeted, airship-eager, affluent demographic (hello, $teampunkers drop hundreds on etsy shops). Plus, it's another opportunity for free press/TV news coverage and a press release for AV...a bonus since your planned ride didn't happen on the Eureka's maiden voyage, so it's a good hook on its own during an otherwise dry news spell.

(But screw that charging yours fans a higher ticket rate to come along, like they tried to pull the last time. Duh, we can read their web site too ya know.)

I hope to be there to see you off, Cap'n!

5th-Jan-2009 08:40 pm (UTC) - Re: Eureka!
Do you think my kinetic airship team could find an angle that we could promote them at places like Burning Man as well as to the Emerald Triangle crowd at the kinetic race in Humboldt?
5th-Jan-2009 10:37 pm (UTC) - Re: Eureka!
If you think you can make a case, you should wrote a proposal and run it past their Director of Marketing, Thomas Narozonick.

But I don't believe they fly out of the Bay Area though. The Zep NT requires a unique mooring set up and ground crew, none of whom wear neon furry leg warmers. :-)
6th-Jan-2009 12:20 am (UTC) - Re: Eureka!
Thanks for the contact info.

I know they only fly in the Bay Area, but one of my unstated assumptions is that people up here might be likelier to book an Airship Ventures flight on their next trip to SF if they knew more about AV.

Although we already have some major sponsors for machining, bike parts, and our workspace, we could also promote AV quite prominently.

For that matter, I would be very interested in promoting Abney Park, too. We'd love to play their music on the sculpture during the race (because we're all fans) and could probably raise money by auctioning off (donated) autographed CDs, T-shirts, etc. although I haven't gotten around to e-mailing them about that last part.
5th-Jan-2009 07:22 pm (UTC)
Holy Shit! I feel a road trip.
5th-Jan-2009 07:27 pm (UTC)
That's....... NOT FAIR!
I mean, I live in bloody Denmark *grrrrrrr*

5th-Jan-2009 08:05 pm (UTC)
Is it just me, or are you blogging from the future?
Like, 2 years 5 days ahead...
(Deleted comment)
5th-Jan-2009 11:22 pm (UTC)
Do you guys ever plan to come out to Colorado?
7th-Jan-2009 08:05 am (UTC)
One day I'll drill a tunnel from my part of Earth to yours, ehh...
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