June 1st, 2005

Listen to this new song.

As some of you have heard, we've added to the Abney Park line-up (added, not replaced anyone) Kyrstoff Nemethe and Traci Nemethe from Sinforosa.

I know, how dare we Add even MORE talent to the already most talented line-up on the planet??  Well, I'm selfish, and greedy, and I want ALL the love for Abney Park, thats how. Anyway, in case your not familure with Sinforosa, listen to there latest track:


What do you think? (give some feedback) Pretty awsome, huh? They've set aside Sinforosa (* cry *) and are now focusing exclusivly on Abney Park. Soon we will release some new Abney Park songs featureing everybody you are used to seeing in Abney Park, as well this two newbies thrown in for extra flavor.  Hope you like them.