Robert From Abney Park (robert_from_ap) wrote,
Robert From Abney Park

I need a hat

I need a hat, something I can wear in rainy weather that hopfully won't mush down my hair much. A top hat or bowler would technically work, but I'm not sure they are much "me". They are cool hats, but I think I'd look a dork in one of these:

I also really dig Russian fur Coussack hats:

But it seems it'd mush my hair pretty badly.  Honestly, its not that ANYTHING changes my hairs shape, its just that its painful to me to have my spikes turned in on themselves!

I know at least ONE of you is gunna say "leather flight helmet!" but, um, no, Magdalene would rip my throat out, and OH MY GOD THE hat head!

Anyway, I need hat suggestions.
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