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Captain Robert
Abney Park
bay Area People, LISTEN UP! 
28th-Jul-2012 12:28 pm
We've got a show coming up in SF soon, and the lineup of bands is amazing! From a Steampunk Standpoint, this is one of the best lineups This year! ...and tickets are super cheap...this week only...here is the message:

Deep Discount Tickets End Saturday

Tickets to what's being called "the Steampunk event of the year" (really, that's been said... unsolicited even!) are just $16 until Saturday! Get yours now: http://www.facebook.com/l/8b486ckUlxNYv5FJxWOv_MwwWVw;www.dnalounge.com/calendar/2010/10.html#08

After Saturday the presale price increases to $18 and they'll be $23 at the door, so save yourself some cash and buy early, k?

29th-Jul-2010 10:50 pm (UTC)
Fantastic! Locals have been whispering that you guys were coming back around then, glad to see it confirmed. *runs off to go convince entire facebook friend's list that they need to join me in buying tickets* :)
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