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Captain Robert
Abney Park
Limited Edition, Autographed, Numbered CD's. 
25th-Sep-2012 10:11 am

On October 15th, Abney Parks new CD will go on sale. At that time, we will be selling Limited Edition, Autographed, Numbered CD's. The CD's will be numbered from 1 – 200 corresponding to how they come off the press. You could own the 1st copied for The End Of Days EVER PRINTED!

Last CD release (Aether Shanties) this was SO much fun. Here is how it works:
  1. You stay up Friday night. At Midnight the CD's go on sale.
  2. To get the lowest numbered CD (example: "I just got the 3rd copy ever printed!") make sure you log in to the cart before midnight.
  3. If you've never been to our cart before, make sure you create a profile in advance.
Last release, I heard stories of "I added the Number 1 CD to the cart, and before I could get checked out, some one else nabbed it from my cart!" Be as speedy as you can, that's the game!

Midnight, Friday Night, October 15th Pacifc Time.

Prices for the limited edition, Numbered Autographed CDs
will be the same as Aether Shanties:

Number 1 Copy: $200
(this will also be the first CD to ship)
Copies 2 - 5: $50
Copies 5 - 10: $40
Copies 10 - 200: $30
regular CD: $15

One last thing: If anybody knows how to make a chat room that I don't have to install anything, or create a user account or anything, I will join you in that chat the evening of the CD release!
25th-Sep-2010 06:22 pm (UTC)
Robert at Abney park dot com
25th-Sep-2010 06:48 pm (UTC)
Friend (below) found internets. :)
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