Robert From Abney Park (robert_from_ap) wrote,
Robert From Abney Park

Victorian Bathing Suits

Victorian Bathing Suits!!
We will be accepting pre-orders for Victorian Bathing Suits.
They will be on sale for two weeks, starting Monday, May 16th.
After that, they will never be available again, so buy them! 
This is a one time deal. 


The Great New England Steampunk Exhibition
This steampunk event is being held in a hotel with a water park. Jake Von Slatt wrote to me with the idea of making Abney Park Jolly Rodger Victorian Swimsuits for fans to wear to the water park. So, to pull this off I partnered with The Gentlemen's Emporium, who are having these manufactured specifically for us.

NOTE: These are pre-orders. When you order we will make them just for you. It will take some time for you to get yours, but you will have them before the festival.
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