April 9th we are going to play a show in Spokane, Washington, at the Knitting Factory.

This is going to be a full-on bad-ass show, with dancers, and everything, and its going to be in one big-ass, bad ass space. The Spokane knitting factory is HUGE, its were Cirque du Soleil performs!

In fact, this club is probably about 4 times as big as we need in Spokane, since we've never played out there, and I think our draw is going to be only a few hundred! This means there will be plenty of room to dance, conga lines, line dancing, Tai Chi, Spontaneous Kung Fu Fighting, pagan rituals to summon long dead elder gods...anything you might be in the mood for.

Anyway, this event is ALL AGES, so bring your little sister, your kids, or someone else's kids (its best if you know who's kids they are). 



The 21 and Over San Fran show has been moved to May 7th, so it can be an awesome ALL AGES Pirate extravaganza!


more details: 

Abney Park in A Pirate Ball - May 7th
Oakland Metro Opera House, Oakland, CA

Abney Park and Swing Goth are at it again! This time the two have teamed up for a Pirate themed Ball with TWO ROOMS of entertainment.

Dock House (Main Stage) - Abney Park will be playing TWO FULL SETS with cirque performances and DJed dancing throughout the night!

Boat Yards (Vendor Area) - Vendors galore and Sea Shanties along with other performances!

PLUS, dance lessons offered from 8:30-9:30 and an area reserved for dancing during the show.

This concert has been recently rescheduled from April 2nd and more information, including a list of vendors and performers will be available shortly.

Doors at 8pm
Dance lessons from 8:30-9:30
Show from 9:30-2am
$20 Early Bird, $22 regular pre-sale, $25 at the door

Kid Friendly: Yes!
Dog Friendly: No
Non-Smoking: Yes!
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes!


Every writer online eventually has to scream this. And they do so just before they have to go completely underground, unlist their phone numbers, and emails, drop of the map. I know you guys enjoy the feeling that you can talk to me, and I like it to, but you can't send me your creative ideas!

Here is what happens: people listen to my songs while painting, or writing, or whatever. They hear the stories in the songs, and write them up in there own words, and then say, "I wrote this! I was inspired by you!" No, thats not inspiration, thats derivative work, and you can't do it without my permission.

Here is why: I have a story about Airship Pirates. I have a story about a clockwork boy. There is a good chance I will/am/have already written a song about a clockwork boy becoming an airship pirate, right? So if you write me an email saying "Dude, you should totally write a song about a clockwork boy becoming an airship pirate!" and I had already done so, and it was going to me on the next album...well, you'll yell at me that I stole YOUR ideas.

I know it sounds insane, but I get one of these every two weeks. I just had one now that claimed the ENTIRE ABNEY PARK BACKSTORY was this persons idea, even though the claim to have sent it to me last summer...which is YEARS after we had been using this story.

So here are the rules: you can not make derivative work based on my ideas without contracts. You can not send me your ideas, unless we first have a contract stating we are entering into a creative relationship. If These rules get broken too many more times, I will be forced to sever the communications I have with fans.

This is how I support my family, I can't take this risk.


If you havn't yet heard, yes, there is going to be a RPG based on the world of Abney Park. due later this year. It'll look somthing like this:

Well, the game designers, artists, writers, and myself have been hard at work on this, and it won't be done tell the end of this year. However, we do have a website for you at: http://airshippirates.abneypark.com/index.html, and there you can learn a little about the world, read about the deisgners, see who some of the artists will be, and even download wallpapers like these:

Go check it out!

Captain Robert Live On World Radio

Tomorrow at 1:00 pm West Coast Time (Friday, 18 March 2011, 13:00:00 Pacific) I'll be participating in a an hour long live radio discussion on http://www.litopia.com/radio

This is a talk radio show on the arts, and each of four panelists will bring a discussion question to the table about "Art".

Meanwhile, I've been stuck in bed, barely able to think for the last 72 hours. *cough cough* so maybe you can help me pick my discussion point? Here are three, which do you like best?
  1. Does being a full time professional artist hurt, or enhance art? When your art becomes your soul source of income, suddenly you find yourself making decisions based on what will best support you. Meanwhile, having a day job means you have precious little time for your art, and it often gets the lowest priority in your life.

  3. Should art be open to interpretation, or is art best when it thoroughly conveys the meanings or emotions of its creator?

  5. Over the last 80 years, craftsmanship has switched from “create beautiful and lasting works” to “create cheap to produce, and therefore profitable works”. This has effected everything from architecture, to screenplays. Has this new minimalist “form over function”, "cost over aesthetics" idealism been a positive effect on art, or the death of it?

About the San Franscisco Show

This just in from the promoter. If your considering...or bought tickets to the SF show, take a minute and weigh in. Thebother venue is neither all ages, nor a bar, so it's double lame. We are working on making this better.

Subject: Abney Park Show - Good News/Bad News
Okay, first the good news, we're going to be able to make the Abney
Park show all ages! Yay!

Now the bad news. We're going to have to relocate (and probably
reschedule... still working on that) the Abney Park show. A final
decision will be made on THIS Thursday at 3pm. At that time, a refund
will be available to anyone who is not able to make the new

The reason for the hold-up is that I want your feedback to be sure I
make it as good as possible for as many people as possible. To that
end, I've set up a SHORT, less than 10 question Zoomerang survey here:

Also, there's some potential we'll move forward with the WonderCon
tie-in Ball of Justice event, just at a different venue, with a
different band (or just DJed). It all depends on the responses we get.

If you could please take a few minutes to fill that out, I'd really
appreciate it. More information will be forthcoming on Thursday around

Brian Gardner




I told you were were coming back to the UK! Abney Park will be playing Friday Night at Whitby Gothic Weekend. In addition to this, we are working on adding London show, and possibly one in Wales.

Wild West Con


Am I excited about Wild West Con in less then a week???


Will I be bringing my boots and Cowboy hat and Boots?


Will Nathaniel bring his Banjo?

He'd better...the ornery varmit.

Will there be whiskey, and cuss'en?


If your totally lame and havn't heard about this, its basically a Steampunk convention in a Ghost Town in Tucson, Arizona where they shot the movies Tombstone, Wild Wild West, The Three Amigos and a host of others.

Honestly I've been looking forward to this one more then any of them.  Come, so you can say you were at
the first ever Wild West Con!

The Starving Steampunk Foundation

On February 1st, 2011, the Starving Steampunk Foundation made its debut on The Steampunk Empire (www.thesteampunkempire.com).  The SSPF is a non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Montana, USA, to provide grants to artists and inventors of the Retro-Futurist Genre.  It is run by a volunteer board of seven people from England and the United States.
The Foundation's mission is to give artisans the chance to start or complete projects in the Genre when they may not have the capital to do so through modest grants.  As is the case with many non-profit organizations, the Foundation is completely run on donations.  All donations go directly toward the Foundation's modest operating costs and the grants we provide to artists.
The Foundation is currently striving to be able to give its first grant by the end of Quarter II, 2011.  Artists are encouraged to apply for grants at any time, all applications will be considered but please read the application guidelines.  Donors may make a donation to the Foundation's Paypal Account through our website, www.thestarvingsteampunkfoundation.org.
We would like to give a special thanks to Captain Robert and Abney Park for helping us get the word out.
The Starving Steampunk Foundation